Alessandra Balbi Implementing Cultural Codes in Her Shoe Designs

Established in 2017, Alessandra Balbi is a luxury footwear brand designed by Alessandra Balbi and crafted in Italy by Venetian artisans.

The designer has a multidisciplinary background. After a degree in Economics at the University of Siena and one in Architecture at the Polytechnic of Milan, Alessandra founded her brand, confronting herself with the most feminine part of her creativity.

Each cultural layer of the designer's background is evident in the product she creates. Her artistic and architectural references give shape to the collection and give her creations intrinsic and TIMELESS VALUE extending far beyond the product itself.

The aim to create a product that can go BEYOND SEASONS AND TRENDS, also has an ethical value, in the perspective of being SUSTAINABLE.

The leitmotiv of the SS collection, is pulled together with traditional shapes and contemporary colors with the main aim of producing a precious and timeless accessory. This collection it is going to be a carryover.

The FW20/21 collection, as the previous SS, is inspired by OPTICAL ART, with a focus on the work of the Argentinian artist Julio Le Parc, who attempts to distort the senses with his artwork. The collection references his multicolor juxtaposed bands and his curves.

The sandals collection will be on sale from February 2020 at the online retailer and physical store Base Blu, in Varese, Italy.


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