NEW YORK, NY, January, 2020 – Asia Fashion Collection (AFC) invites budding designers from across Asia to compete for a chance at their very own NYFW runway debut. Seven brands, from a variety of East Asian countries, are debuting their FW20 collections at AFC’s 7th annual event. From Japan, we are presenting the following three designers: aNANA tih sayim by Nana Miyashita, ito by Taisho Takenaka/ Kurumi Ito, and KTOKA by Shiki Cara Kataoka. Additionally, we have VEGAN TIGER by South Korea’s designer Yang Yoona,and SEANNUNG by Taiwan’s Liao Sean Nung.We are also pleased to present Thailand’s chalisa by Chalisa Anekvorakul,and Parsons School of Design’s own Chaohua Shi (born in China) with her brand zizi shi.


Date/Time: Monday, February 10th, 2020, 8:00PM

Venue: Gallery II at Spring Studios (50 Varick Street, Floor 5, NYC )

RSVP: afc@newyork-tokyo.com


Press Inquiry: taeko@newyork-tokyo.com | 646.244.4041

About Asia Fashion Collection (AFC) 

An incubation project produced and supported by Vantan Inc. and PARCO, in cooperation with other Asia-based partners. AFC is passionate about widening the reach of the fashion industry by fostering the growth of the continent’s most promising up-and-coming designers. AFC’s Judge includes: Kaname Murakami (Editor in Chief, WWD Japan), Masaya Kubota (Director of First Business Affairs Department, BEAMS), Daiki Nakane (TOKYO BASE STUDIOUS Brand Director/ Buyer), Chihiro Sekine (Women’s Merchandiser, Isetan Mitsukoshi), and Fumiya Yoshinouchi (Editorial Board/Director,fashionsnap) asiafashioncollection.com/

About Vantan Inc.

The history of Vantan began over 53 years ago in a small garage in Ebisu, Tokyo.Led by a team of visionary professionals, Vantan now provides a wide range of programs in the Creative Arts.These include fashion, hairstyling, makeup artistry, cosmetology, graphic design, film, photography, game design, animation, manga, sound design and culinary arts.With over 195,000 graduates to date, Vantan's unique approach to hands-on, business-oriented education has solidified it as a vanguard institution.Notable alumni includes: Kunihiko Morinaga (2019 LVMH finalist ANREALAGE), Kanako Takase (Makeup Artist), Daiki Suzuki (Owner/Designer, Engineered Garments) www.vantan.jp


Since the establishment of Ikebukuro PARCO in 1969, they have actively sought to showcase culture in all forms. Though they deal primarily in fashion, they are also involved in music, visual art, drama, and have brought a splash of color to consumer culture, as a whole. These initiatives have established PARCO as a creative space, allowing them to attract a great number of people with enormous talent. Together they are enlarging a circle of creativity that’s paving the way for the next cultural movement. www.parco.co.jp


aNANA tih sayim, Japan

Designer Name: Nana Miyashita

FW20 Collection Theme: - Melancholy Dawn -

Inspired by the vague air when the day is just starting to break, the mind gets hazy, and the sky is still dark and pale. For FW20, Nana Miyashita pictures sentimental and turbulent mood in dawn. She wants wearers to feel a bit more dramatics, excitement and extra cuteness in their usual everyday life, and stay feeling like a girl.

Designer’s Profile:

Born in 2001, Nagano, Japan.

aNANA tih sayim is a brand that puts the emotions of a girl growing into a woman into garments, which conveys the fantasy that Nana has always envisioned. 7th AFC is going to make her Japan’s youngest designer to debut at NYFW.

Official Website: ananatihsayim.com Instagram: instagram.com/ananatihsayim

ito, Japan

Designers’ Names:  Taisho Takenaka, Kurumi Ito

FW20 CollectionTheme:  - Venus de Milo -

Although she is missing both of her arms, the Venus de Milo is containing the golden ratio. The contradiction of its imperfect perfection enhances the beauty of the sculpture even more. Clothes wear out as we age however, ito finds it beautiful in the course of aging. This is what they think the beauty is.

Designers’ Profile:

Taisho Takenaka: Born in 1997, Ishikawa, Japan / Kurumi Ito: Born in 1998, Osaka, Japan

Although ito is a womenswear brand, their garments can be worn by men because of the roomy silhouette that incorporates many details of menswear.

Instagram: www.instagram.com/iiitttooo_/

KTOKA, Japan/Australia

Designer Name: Shiki Cara Kataoka

FW20 Collection Theme: - Thinner than Air -

Artifacts raise the beauty of nature.FW20 collection was inspired by photographer, Uta Barth.Her photos are blurred, eliminating gaps between the subject matter and background, and condensing as if they’re captured in the corner of the sight.This collection came from its healthy and clean attitudes, and the smell.

Designer’s Profile:

Born in 1997, Wakayama, Japan

KTOKA is the brand that gives the final layer of skin. It is, the atmosphere created between skin and garment, designing a feeling of air.

2017 Became the finalist at Kobe Fashion Contest 2017

2018 Won the Semi-Grand Prix at Vantan Cutting Edge Osaka 2018 and led the graduation fashion show for the entire fashion design department as a creative director

Instagram: www.instagram.com/ktoka_garments/

VEGAN TIGER, South Korea

Designer Name: Yang Yoona

FW20 Collection Theme:

The ghosts of the fur farms are recreated as a charming kitsch character which brings up a topic of conversation. These ghosts roaming around the world were expressed in various ways with a lot of different non-Animal materials. Clothes  with  digitally  printed  textile,  coats,  hats,  and  knitwear  with  jacquard  artificial  fur,  and various  items  with  diverse  embroidery  patterns  that  have  decorative  effects.  They  make  viewers wonder. What is that ghost?

Designer Profile:

Born in 1982, Seoul, South Korea. 

VEGAN TIGER tells a story about the clothes they make and the people who choose  the clothes become the messenger of the story. The story is about a life-loving way that many people can practice. It's cool and fashionable, too!

A/W 2019 Guangzhou Fashion Week global original design brand award

Official Website: www.vegantigerkorea.com Instagram: www.instagram.com/vegan_tiger/


Designer Name: Liao Sean Nung

FW20 Collection Theme: - OBJECTS - 

People have formed objects for our convenience, so called tools, and shape life as we prefer, so called lifestyle. In these processes of changing, could we maintain the meaningful part?

Inheriting the past, SEANNUNG took the “Phenomenon” as inspiration. In 2020FW SEANNUNG uses “OBJECTS” as the theme to explore the process and transformation of objects after they are shaped.  Adapting and getting closer to a more suitable state, we have made a lot of changes, and on certain occasions, we must wear specific outfits or specific behaviors. “OBJECTS” is exploring whether it can leave the meaning part under these systems.

Designer’s Profile:

Born in 1985, Taiwan.

2009 Taiwan Textile federation Taiwan New Talent

2011 Super Designer Taiwan TV program challenge competition award

2018 SEANNUNG first season 19SS Hong Kong Center Stage New talent

Official Website: www.seannung.com/ Instagram: www.instagram.com/seannung_official/

chalisa, Thailand

Designer Name: Chalisa Anekvorakul

FW20 Collection Theme: - Papillion - 

The Papillion collection was inspired from the movie The fall (2006).The story overlaps between reality and imagination. The reality scenes in the movie involve nondescript moods, unlike the imaginary scenes that exhibit positive and surrealistic moods. Impressed by the movie, chalisa was inspired to interpret the storyline through her perspective. She then pulled up interesting colors of different moods as an idea to develop new fabric techniques. Moreover, she use East-meets-West costume styles in the movie as a motivation to design silhouette in the collection.

Designer’s Profile:

Born in 1995, Bangkok, Thailand.

2017 Nominated to participate in 'Thai touch project' season 3 among top 26 designers

Instagram: www.instagram.com/ccchalisa/

zizi shi, USA / China

Designer Name: Chaohua Shi

FW20 Collection Theme: - Ming guo (1912-1948) -

FW20 is based on a time period called “Ming guo” (1912-1948), which is the only time period China was ruled by democracy. Chaohua was very inspired by her great grand generation and grand generation’s memories and what’s to present how they would dress like if they were still young now. This collection is a combination of her imagination of how she wishes the time period would have been and her visual version of her grandfather’s teenage memories.

Designer’s Profile:

Born in 1995, Taiyuan, Shanxi, China.


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