Elena Burenina "Cloud Dancer" FW 2020/21 Show

Elena Burenina "Cloud Dancer" collection explores the world of people who are fragile and strong at the same time, who live in their own world and feel the need for protection.

‘There are special and extraordinarily sensitive people - the dreamers, and while being in this state of fantasizing they are utmost vulnerable. But in their visions these people are incredibly strong, because dreams are the wings that give us freedom. I wanted to show the synergy of these opposites, showcase the willpower, sensuality and make these people protected by the garments’, ‒ says Elena Burenina.

The Fall-Winter collection ‒ 2020 is built upon contrasts: black and white colours, shapes hypertrophied as if they were from a man’s shoulder , textures utterly contradicting each other: leather opposed by silk, crude coat fabric – cashmere; softness, tactility – hardness that coats and protects as a shell would. Through the modesty and finesse of the collection, one is able to sense the sexuality.

Elena Burenina puts her emphasis on outer garments of simple yet intricate cut: coats, trench coats, pantsuits. The main collection also incorporates a capsule collection of down coats and accessories made in collaboration with a Ukrainian brand MoonGoose Outerwear.

The brand Elena Burenina is known for a special approach to creating the collections: the clothes, shoes and accessories are easily matched with each other, which helps you creating a wardrobe that is both modern and exquisite.

Photo credit: Ukrainian Fashion Week



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