Esme Vie Launches an Exclusive Three-Day Trunkshow

Doha, Qatar, Feb 22, 2020

Hosted by esteemed members of Qatar’s Royal family, Italian luxury brand Esme Vie (@esmevieofficial) will launch an exclusive three-day Trunkshow at the exclusive Boutique Amici di Moda in Doha on the 25th, 26th, and 27th of February 2020.

“We always look to discover new talents and support their works” - Amal Ameen, Owner of Amici di Moda

Headlining the event is a dazzling show that showcases Esme Vie's Ramadan 2020 Caftan capsule collection, followed by a social event that enables clientele to pre-order bespoke pieces for their special events.

Inspired by traditional beauty and modern elegance, Esme Vie’s latest Caftan collection embodies the very pursuit of the beauty of nature, drawing from meticulously handcrafted peonies and assorted flower cascades. The collection is every bit the perfect ode to feminity, capturing the essence of luxury by marrying the traditional caftan silhouette with a touch of wearable art.


Born in 2013 in Milano, Esme Vie established itself as a luxurious fashion house, gaining recognition as a high end label catering to a distinct clientele.

Aiming to praise a timeless beauty and modern elegance, Esme Vie’s designs, calls a formal experimentation of geometric dimensions and sobriety with a glamorous heart.

Esme Vie claims original visions, often influenced by the interweaving of dreams and reality, in which style is translated into the contamination of languages and the setting stages of one's passions.

Searching the beauty of nature with meticulously handcrafted peonies and assorted flower cascades that embraces femininity to capture the essence of luxury and tell fairy tales recapturing the essence of wearable art.

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