FOXYLAB NYC presents "Patterns and symbols" collection by CITY KITTY

Courtesy of FOXYLAB NYC

The New York-based creative laboratory FOXYLAB NEW YORK collaborates with the street artist CITY KITTY to launch a new unisex collection PATTERNS & SYMBOLS.

PATTERNS & SYMBOLS is a hybrid of fashion and street art.

The collection includes 5 basic pullovers of white, grey melange, and black color, two of which are made of scuba, and the rest — of organic cotton. A work on the collection allowed artist to deconstruct his expressive tropes into patterns and designs, that are adaptable to fashion. The symbolic elements of City Kitty have a slight, but recognizable psychedelic twist in their random appearance on FXLB pieces.

For the past 10 years City Kitty has been pasting elaborate, hand-drawn scenes of an adventurous street cat onto buildings and alleyways throughout North America and Europe. Best known for his large-scale drawings of cats and humans with extraneous facial features, City Kitty has created an alternate urban reality with a touch of double vision. His work is featured prominently on the streets of New York, London, Barcelona and Berlin, among others.

Courtesy of FOXYLAB NYC


FOXYLAB NEW YORK is a creative laboratory that introduces art into fashion. Focused on creating urban streetwear fashion, the brand’s main mission is to support street artists and make real art wearable, while putting sustainability at the center of the production.

Several times per year, the brand releases collections created in unique collaborations with street artists. Each piece is branded with a garment tag with an original artist’s signature, a name, and a description of a collection. The tag is located on the inside of each piece in a way, that only its part with a signature of an artists is visible on the outside. The garment tag is associated with a signature that every artist marks the own painting with.

The brand’s urban aesthetic is presented through relaxed oversized silhouettes, reflecting a street culture attitude. The basic collection pieces include t-shirts, hoodies, and pullovers, made of organic cotton blended with spandex and scuba cotton blended with polyester. The art-finishings are all executed uniquely by hand and exclusively for FOXYLAB NEW YORK. Focusing on sustainability aspect, the brand produces high quality pieces that stay in good condition after many washes and wears. All FXLB items are limited edition.

FXLB’s permanent dresses line ETERNAL BEAUTY is based on upcycling concept and conscious use of resources in fashion. All pieces are created in a way where the bottom of a vintage dress is attached to a top created by FXLB. Constantly searching for good quality vintage items, FXLB never stops creating new one-of-a-kind dresses. Such solution helps to significantly minimize production waste and decrease the impact of environmental pollution.

The founder and creative director of FXLB Oxana De Castro believes art and fashion to exist as one. Her main idea is to erase boundaries between them. She provides her customers with a non-verbal voice and helps to show who they are through boundless expressions of art. Encouraged by traveling and getting acquainted with new cultures and people, as well, as constantly establishing connection with inner-self, Oxana empowers her audience to feel free and have no limitations to self-expression.



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