GLOBAL TALENTS: AWS Spring Summer 2020

Updated: Nov 25, 2019

AWS [AFTER WORK STUDIO] stands for fashion that [does not have] to be seasonal in the classical sense. Driven by their aesthetic belief of combining feminine elegance with both sporty and classical elements with a focus on functionality, AWS develop collections which are usually smaller series of garments that result in a kind of continuous collection, with a focus on sustainability and local production. The fashion designer Karin Wüthrich and the graphic designer Matthias Fürst co-founded the brand 2016.

This time they gave us a free and varied collection of wool, skiwear and mini-jackets in orange, all accentuated with black straps and ribbons. The designers found a wonderful overall tone of deep, wooly black and coral tones, yet accomplishing it all with the elegance of the latest Dior collections.

One could easily see NYC influencer girls wear these small tops for Summer 2020, accompanied by this collection’s sandals and jackets of rich violet and coral. Finishing it all off were some teeny-tiny dresses, tied up with signature black ribbons, and skirts of an almost-prawn color, all very lively and vivid. A beautiful assortment of looks for the street-savvy girls. glo brand, supporting Global Talents.


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