GLOBAL TALENTS: CHAIN Spring Summer 2020

Updated: Nov 25, 2019

CHAIN is a sustainable brand based in Buenos Aires (Argentina). The axis of the brand is the consolidation of a national identity. Each concept speaks about EARTH becoming HOME AND SHELTER. CHAIN only uses pure and raw cotton, carefully utilizing the natural fiber resources of their homeland.

Barefoot and meditative, the models walked on the runway dressed in garments made of thick, comfy fabrics.

Sandy and earthy tones were gently sprayed with light green as if moss was beginning to sprout on soil after a warm rain. It’s as if the men on the runway were some otherworldly gardeners, slowly moving around with their handbags that resembled gardening supply boxes.

The shirts and trousers were of the finest white cotton while the jackets were made of the lightest shade of denim. An airy and new-agey collection this was, the garments slowly turning gentle shades of pink. Wooly pullovers were accompanied by the exquisite cut of trousers. Male and female models slowly stepped out in what could very well be worn to bed or to a holiday in the mountains - cozy wide knit sweaters and even aprons, colored with a light lemon paint for men, dark grey jumpsuits for women. An elegy in watercolour - a wonderfully chill yet scrumptious offering from the Argentinian brand.

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