Gracia Nano | Design as Freedom of Expression

With almost a decade on the design market, Gracia has won several interior design private contests and has continued to receive increased media attention as a young upcoming Peruvian architect and designer. Her interest in architecture and interior design began at a very young age by the influence of her parents.

“Our houses were always designed by my father and decorated by my mother. I always remember her organizing her Architectural Digest magazines and inviting me to watch them with her. I think that memory will stay in me forever. I can even tell the scent of the room and how that light entered the window. I think that moment, when I was almost 5 years old, I knew I would be an architect”. - Gracia Nano

During her last year in college, she founded her own studio in 2012. Since then, she’s been managing a wide variety of projects from restaurants, residential projects, beach houses, hotels to a major amusement Eco-Smart park located in the Peruvian jungle.

Her greatest passion is to create, with complete freedom of expression. Gracia typically spends the days exploring concepts, forms and textures which goes on to create what she calls “her personal brand”

As she has lived the majority of her life in Lima, Gracia has a strong sense of connection with the city which she believes combines two contrasting worlds. This includes the metropolis with all the chaos and grey landscape together with the surrounding diverse landscape of her country which can go from hidden beaches to the tropical jungle which she loves and is so influenced by it.

With a strong identity, she has the ability to produce both architecture and interior design projects and is developing a strong sense for landscape projects too.

Currently, Gracia lives in Milan, where she opened a second headquarter of her design studio since 2018. She has also explored the fashion world becoming the brand director of the Italian couture brand Esme Vie. She leads the international trunkshows of the brand and plans a second boutique in London in the near future.






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