GuidoMaggi opens its flagship store in Zürich: the largest elevator shoes store in the world

Courtesy GuidoMaggi

An exhibition space of over 200 square meters with a contemporary and stylish design where more than 150 models of the brand are always available in all sizes.

"Who could have imagined a few years ago that Zurich, the economic, cultural and financial center of Switzerland, could become the centre of the world fashion trends?” This is what the eclectic and creative CEO & Founder of GuidoMaggi, Emanuele Briganti, replied to the journalists during the opening event of the new GuidoMaggi store held on 12 September in the prestigious setting of the Halten Business Center of Zurich.

Emanuele Briganti, CEO @GuidoMaggi

Courtesy GuidoMaggi

And it is precisely in this framework that the new GuidoMaggi elevator shoes store stands: the largest in the world, with an exhibition space featuring a contemporary and stylish design of over 200 square meters. A unique place that hosts the creations of the Italian brand, the most exclusive elevator shoes, handmade and customisable, capable of giving the wearer up to 6 inches more in height in total comfort and secrecy.

"I firmly believe in Italian craftsmanship, and it is here in Zurich that an unprecedented and exclusive encounter is celebrated between creativity, innovation and the finest made in Italy footwear tradition, designed for the man who loves himself and wants to loved. "The GuidoMaggi brand has always been faithful to its reference mood, an ever increasing attention to the values ​​that support the supply chain, sustainability, research and the passion that characterizes the production of a shoe that becomes unique and inimitable for the customer. SLOW IS THE NEW HOT, this has always been the belief of GuidoMaggi, a luxury brand attentive to each step which originate from an idea and take life through the skilled hands of artisans, guardians of an ancient tradition, fulfilling the wishes of most demanding customers.

Courtesy GuidoMaggi

Classic, elegant and casual: these are the GuidoMaggi styles in the Zurich store. The men's footwear collection includes sneakers, loafers and lace-ups in a mix of casual chic inspirations and formal designs. Over 150 models of the highest quality available in all sizes and variations, made-to-measure shoes that combine tradition and modernity, comfort and style.

Courtesy GuidoMaggi

“The one in Zurich is the biggest and most exclusive elevator shoe store in the world” - concluded Emanuele Briganti – “and is the place where you can breathe luxury, innovation and tradition. Many ask me what happens to a creative person like me when he works in his own living room at home ... Well in the Zurich store there is all the creative inspiration accumulated in all these years of passion and sacrifice: expressive freedom that is shown in my selection and creation of the 150 flagship models always available in all sizes in order to meet and satisfy the needs of each individual customer. Each shoe chosen has an irresistible charm, it is the essence of true luxury, capable of telling a story and giving emotions".



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