Intelistyle: A.I. Styling Service that Breaks the Rules of Common Shopping

Intelistyle provides A.I. styling services to fashion retailers, helping them address the needs of 1 in 2 people that are looking for styling advice at their favourite retail locations online or in store. They do that by creating outfit recommendations for clothes that their customers already own or want to buy.

This allows retailers to scale their human styling services, and create personal online or in store experiences at a fraction of the cost.

Intelistyle A.I works with user generated photography, constantly learns from the latest trends and then tailors recommendations to each user’s body type, colours and personal style, offering a personalised omnichannel experience. It will make the same choices as a human stylist more than 9 out of 10 times.


What brought us together, was the commitment we saw in each other and the flexibility to do what we need to, no matter how small or big, and learn what we don't know, to make things happen. We've gone from being rejected and no resources to go on, through to raising $769k, joining Techstars and being featured in Forbes, Vogue and The Telegraph, as well as securing clients such as D&G, Lane Crawford and Rakuten.

Kostas (CEO & Founder) - previously led AI, development and product teams at Microsoft, Skype and the BBC launching products such as iPlayer Radio and Skype on XBOX. He also headed up Photobox's eCommerce team and it’s top of funnel acquisition and retention initiatives, delivering 130% of VC agreed targets with a razor sharp focus on unit economics. His experience leading large tech teams, building innovative digital experiences that resonate with customers as well as his focus on growth initiatives, are a driving force for the team and our strategic direction.

Michael Michelis (COO & Co-founder) - Data engineer and mathematician with extensive experience leveraging technology to solve Big Data problems. Founded one of the largest online communities for mathematics in Greece and published numerous indie apps. Winner of LSE Business week pitch competition. Michael's hustling approach to any problem that comes his way and his passion for customer acquisition and growth hacking, quadrupled our early customer acquisition for the consumer app and generated strong press and PR (Vogue, Forbes, The Telegraph etc.), driving our inbound sales prospecting.


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