For the Spring Summer 2021 collection, Korè collections brings to light a woman whose heart belongs to nature. An atonement for the beauty of women and their charm with all the essential elements that mother nature offers us.

Courtesy of Korè

Korè has the meaning of symmetry and balance of proportions: it is the definition of beauty as it recalls the aesthetic ideal of sculptural women of ancientGreece.

It is the prints that dress the clothes.This is the attitude of the Korè Collections world that intersects with the simplicity of the most slippery shapes and lines.

Prints entirely processed and studied after exotic experience , in search of new ideas and new points of reference.

Flowers garden, they give way to rebellious nature; colorful flowers that cover the criss-cross art.

Stella Maris from the deep sea fantasy secrets gives way to exotic pearls, where the inhabitants are colorful.

These are some of the themes elaborated and reported in a modern and trendy key,

Red, yellow, blue sand Sepia are the shades of color that create depth within the design and details.

Courtesy of Korè

Each dress is designed with meticulous print placement creating a symmetrical play across the body, ensuring a bespoke printed artwork that falls beautifully on each body. Refined and natural materials, for a woman who is always on the move and perfect for hot summer days and beyond. Fresh and transparent silks, light and shiny viscose, cracks illuminated by lurex yarns, and linen. Satin and chiffon take the form of shirt dresses. Kaftans reinvented in evening dresses. Pyjamas reinterpreted for daywear. Clothes designed for every woman's physicality and for every moment of the day.

The location perfectly frames the clothes and the story that wants to bring voice. A wild summer countryside that leads the woman to dream in another reality, not so far away.Women who love to travel and who are fascinated by distant worlds, even without having visited them yet.

Courtesy of Korè


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