María Bernad and her vision of "LesFleurs"



María Bernad founded`Les Fleurs´ in 2017. It worked as a vintage retail e-shop and marketplace for vintage items she curated, as well as for her own brand products, for more than three years. Now it’s time for `Les Fleurs´to move forward.

Courtesy of LESFLEURS


María’s new project is born after a deep introspection. She wanted her social and retail platform to become a community where common values are shared, collaborating with emergent designers. This entails the creation of a sustainable online platform gathering designers specialized in upcycling, recycling & vintage items.

LESFLEURS commitment is to provide visibility to designers and brands through our different channels.

Courtesy of LESFLEURS


`LesFleurs.Studio´s new project will work as a global community of upcoming designers, artists and artisans whose values are driven by sustainability and the use of upcycling methods in their production process. LesFleurs.Studio will be a retail platform for upcycling and vintage items.

Launch July 2020

Courtesy of LESFLEURS


Our goal is to create a community in which every member shares our core values driven by sustainability. Furthermore, the objective is to perform as a comunicative platform in order to give involved brands a wider visibility. The e-shop is where collaborators will be offered the perfect marketplace for their products.


Respect Mother Earth

Respect our environment promoting brands that use upcycling methods as well as ethical and non-agressive processes for their productions


Based on trust and transparency we will share stories of how products are fabricated giving the brands the opportunity of sharing their process and thus create a strong confident bridge with clients.

Ethical and creative growth

We want to promote the creative aspect which is as important as sutainability, as an argument to seduce always in a conscious and ethical dynamic. Creating this meeting place where the designers and brands can establish a deep and close relationship that will lead to growth.

WEBSITE The website will be divided in three main sections: home page, community & e-shop.

Home page

Every month we will share our new member stories through personal interviews, photoshoots and videos.


Presented through the format of an online magazine, information about the members of our community will be

shared, offering designers and brands a space to tell their individual stories and talk about their values and practices.

If they desire, they will also have the opportunity to communicate all the previously mentioned through a video showing a visual representation of their different ways to work, their ateliers… All this being properly linked to their products found in the e-shop.


The e-shop’s structure will be divided in two drop-downs:

Sustainable and vintage

Every product will be distributed according to their characteristics and all of them will be found under one of these sections.

We will offer unique and non-seasonal products every two weeks under both categories.

Courtesy of LESFLEURS


@lesfleurstudio @maria_bernad

Our social community is global with significant reach in United Kingdom, France, Denmark, Japan and the United States.

Each member will have the opportunity of increasing their visibility through our channel such as LesFleurs.Studio.

The founder and face of Lesfleurs Studio will give constant support to involved brands.

Courtesy of LESFLEURS

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