Mauricio Quezada Pushing a Sociological Approach in His Creative Styling

Mauricio Quezada started his career in fashion working for Alex White at W Magazine. After positions at Vogue and Men’s Vogue, he left magazines to work with legendary stylist Bill Mullen. In 2008, he co-founded his own brand HESTER, which was a semi-finalist for the 2010 Ecco Domani Fashion Foundation Award. He then went on to work in advertising for Calvin Klein under the creative leadership of Raf Simons before starting out on his own.

Coming from an oftentimes academic perspective, he views fashion through a sociological and journalistic lens. With a purist approach, he boils the work down to the essentials, layered with thematic elements that underscore a reductive ideal. He brings this same philosophy to his consulting, along with years of marketing and branding experience in the corporate sphere. He holds a degree in English and Art History from Columbia University.

Mauricio Quezada's Works

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