Multicultural, Unique and Artisan - Who's behind Maison ARTC?

Updated: Mar 15, 2020

©Suzana Holtgrave

Jerusalem born Artsi Ifrach is a fashion designer who is better known as Maison ARTC founder in the fashion world. Artsi has found his sanctuary in Morocco on his quest for the independence and has been actively creating his “one of a kind” collections since that time. Artsi (‘My Country’ by meaning in Hebrew and Arabic) lived in Tel Aviv, Paris and Amsterdam before settling in Morocco which brought him to an extensive understanding of multiculturalism. With the usage of colours and prints as his landscape, Artsi’s imaginative designs reflect on space and time, from his childhood memories to the memoirs of nomad.

© Artsi Ifrah for Maison ARTC

Today living and working in Morocco, Artsi's parents hometown, he also collaborates with locals photographers such as Laila Hida and Mous Lamrabat. With Mous Artsi has created an artistic duo called @artsimous, a photography collaboration that tells a story of cultural crossover. Their inspiration comes from a source of culture, history and art. The state of mind is to keep the picture as something timeless that stays long after the collection is done.

"I believe that fashion is a part of art that tells something about us through a period, that meets culture and individuality. I am totally autodidact, I am not working with designing skills, I am working just with creativity and intuition." - Artsi Ifrach

Ethiopia by @artsimous

Maison ARTC is known for its richness, colourful and eclectic style.

“I am trying through materials that surround me to create a story that captures culture, memories, artisan work. The source of the material I am using is vintage and handmade. I create my pieces with a total freedom, from the state of mind I have at that moment. The point is to be respectful of the past, of the culture and bringing something warmer. In my pieces I want to create a memory that moves me emotionally. Vintage fabrics can match past and present together. Colours, patterns and prints are my landscape." - Artsi Ifrach

Photo credit: @Artsimous



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