Fishing nets, daily objects, carpets, fabrics: the list of waste materials is long and wide as they are made of Nylon.

This synthetic fiber, which is derived from petroleum, is the keyword for Re-Nylon Prada, that acts as a common denominator in the recovery of waste from the oceans, to transform it back into textile fibers.

Prada Re-Nylon project is the product of a partnership between Prada and the textile yarn producer Aquafil, an Italian company with over half a century of expertise in creating synthetic fibers. Across a number of years, Aquafil has invested heavily in ground-breaking research and development of sustainable materials, producing new from old.

ECONYL® is a regenerated-nylon yarn that can be recycled an indefinite number of times without affecting the quality of the material. ECONYL® yarn is made of recycling discarded plastic that has been collected from landfill sites and oceans across the whole planet.

With the fundamental and ethical intent of safeguarding the Planet and reducing its industrial impact, Prada and National Geographic have developed and created a new project of yarns recovered from old wastes, which has resulted in a sustainable collection, Re-Nylon, and in a short video series entitled "What We Carry", consisting of 5 episodes, as well as the number of countries and factories all over the world documented in it, which describes the recycling and upcycling process for the regeneration of yarns for Re-Nylon collection.

The episodes will also be presented in secondary schools around the world to educate and sensitize the new generations to the adoption of responsible behaviors towards the oceans and its resources, whose educational project is conceived by Prada and the Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission of UNESCO. It enters all of us into an incredible journey between continents - from Africa to America, from Asia to Oceania, up to Europe - to discover the mechanisms and dynamics within this unique challenge of its kind.


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