SUBMISSION CALL FOR F’OLITIQUE SUPERHEROES Special Edition by Guest Editor-in-Chief Stephan Rabimov

Updated: Aug 4, 2020

F’OLITIQUE SUPERHEROES Special Edition by Stephan Rabimov is Coming Fall 2020

Photo: Marijke Aerden / Courtesy of Ronald van der Kemp

Our identities are shaped, in ways both subtle and profound, by our superheroes. If our psychic “villains” help give us a sense of who we are not, of what we stand against, then, conversely, our “superheroes” help tell us who we are, what we stand for. Fashion is inherently chained to our identities and the influence on the superheroes has permeated every aspect of everyday life.

From designer techno-fabrics to wearable gadgets — the fashion world is, too, racing toward dressing the superhuman. Our fascination with near-mythological superheroes propels our drive toward the superhuman. Various modern arts help us visualize and define superhero aesthetic. Despite the obvious differences in superheroes’ character and style, however, the chosen superhero functions like a mirror, reflecting back to the society an idealized image of itself, an ideal concentrated and so given an almost superhuman form.

What happens, then, when we shatter these mirrors?

F’OLITIQUE SUPERHEROES, by guest Editor-in-Chief Stephan Rabimov coming FALL 2020, will attempt to deconstruct the modern superhero, and, with it, the superhuman. In pursuit of this question, we will follow a perhaps surprising itinerary, one which leads back to the defining eras of fashion and art masterworks as well as take a look at the imminent future when superhuman emerges.

We invite designers, writers, photographers, and multimedia artists to join our one-of-a-kind exploration in F’OLITIQUE Superheroes 2020 special issue. Send your submissions and pitches to submissions@folitique.com before September 10, 2020 (please, make sure to send high-resolution images (WeTransfer or Dropbox), brand information (including Social Media links and website), and press release)


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