Top 5 Inspirational Fashion Films

Updated: Nov 25, 2019

It is obvious that fashion and movie industries have a very tight connection. We possibly can talk hours and hours about the meaning of dressed in the iconic movies, but to understand the fashion industry it is not enough .

There were created dozens of movies both documentary and feature movies about designers, models, fashion photographers and other professionals of the industry, their lives and career pathways, about details behind the scenes of the industry, the subtleties of communication between the team and other inside secrets of the fashion world.

Diana Vreeland: The Eye Has to Travel is a 2011 documentary directed by Lisa Immordino Vreeland, Bent-Jorgen Perlmutt, and Frédéric Tcheng.

"I think part of my success as an editor came from never worrying about a fact, a cause, an atmosphere. It was me—projecting to the public. That was my job. I think I always had a perfectly clear view of what was possible for the public. Give 'em what they never knew they wanted."

The film is a biography of the legendary editor-in-chief of American Vogue. There is a collection of various interview which Diana Vreeland herself and her colleagues, relatives and friends being recorded. Together they tell the story of Vreeland since childhood: about meeting the influential friends of her parents, about the impressions of fashionable the Belle Époque period in Paris, about the 1920s when jazz has been moving to New York, about starting her career in the fashion industry, her experience in Vogue and advising costume at the Metropolitan Museum. Diana Vreeland had rebellious character, she had the inner freedom to do everything she wanted. Diana’s driving forces were passion, imagination and confidence.

This film is showing the woman who changed the history of fashion magazine’s publishing up side down, and not just publishing - she shaped and formed what we know is fashion today. The movie is showing different aspects of her life, work and strong personal approach to the fashion industry, her thoughts about the life in general, how to get success and how to influence and inspire people around you. Her example demonstrates that you always have an opportunity to change everything, and to achieve everything what you really want, your real desire.

Notebook on Cities and Clothes is a documentary film about Yohji Yamamoto, directed by WimWenders in 1989.

This partly documentary film tells about the cult, world-famous Japanese fashion designer Yohji Yamamoto, and now you can look at the inside of the glossy world of fashion. Wenders arranges a tour for the viewer, from the first person in his film showing the creative process of forming magnificent clothes by a famous artist. In between the process of creating outfits, Wenders expresses his thoughts about film, fashion and many other things. This film is not only and not so much about fashion, but about searching for inspiration, about pure creativity - be it the creation of clothes, film, pictures or anything else.

What is fashion? What role do we play in the world of fashion and how do we avoid losing our identity in the contemporary globalised society and keep our cultural affiliation? By watching this film you can look through Yohij’s eyes, feel his soul, read his thoughts and understand his unique approach to creating and looking for inspiration. This film is full of visual and music references that take the viewer to another world full of ideas, beyond everyday perceptions.

"Notes on clothes and cities" is much deeper than you might think, after reading the title. This is a film about life in all its manifestations.

Scatter My Ashes at Bergdorf's is a 2013 documentary feature directed by Matthew Miele.

"I remember, I somehow came to the seventh floor in Bergdorf Goodman, and there three Frenchwomen were talking: they were on vacation, and specially arrived at Bergdorf. One was very excited, and when her purchases were wrapped, she said: “I want my ashes, when I die, to be dispelled on the seventh floor of Bergdorf Goodman.” Then I thought: actually there’s something in it, a good idea, "- American actress Susan Lucci shares this story in the fifth minute of the documentary film Scatter My Ashes at Bergdorf’s. When Lucci said that this is exactly what the film is called, she only asked: "Are you kidding?"

A documentary about what actually is occurring behind the windows of the legendary New York’s department store Bergdorf Goodman. In the film the viewer can get acquainted with the fashion director Linda Fargo, the main censor of Bergdorf, who decides the fate of young designers; window dresser David Hoe, who turns Christmas signs into works of art; and personal shopper Batty Holbreich, who gives her ruthless stylistic advice to movie stars, politicians and dandies from around the world. And moreover there are a lot of funny and frank stories from famous designers: Giorgio Armani, Candace Bergen, Manolo Blahnik, Dolce and Gabbana, Mark Jacobs, Naim Khan, Michael Kors, Karl Lagerfeld, Lauren Bush Lauren, Susan Lucci , Christian Lobutin, Catherine Malandrino, Gilles Mendel, Isaac Mizrahi, Ashley Olsen and Mary-Kate Olsen, Takun Panichgul, Joan Rivers, Jason Wu and many others, who are sharing their own experience and feeling about the department store, to get in what is the dream of every designer. It is a story not just about the department store, the film shows the history of fashion and New York in particularly. The development of such a significant place, the concepts that have been changing thought years and trends and how the Bergdorf functions in the contemporary times - it is what about is the film, which is compulsory to watch for everyone who wants to connect the future with fashion industry.

Bill Cunningham New York directed by Richard Press and released in 2011

The fashion world is still morning the passing of famous street style photographer Bill Cunningham, who basically invented the “street style” as we know it. Bill had very strict ideas about the world of fashion in general, and this documentary shows how influential was his figure in this world. Dressing up fashionably and defiantly on the streets of New York is no longer fun, because Bill is no longer there to appreciate your challenge and make a picture worthy of the cover.

Bill Cunningham New York - a documentary about the legendary street style photographer. Cunningham is a very unusual, mysterious and unpredictable, but at the same time significant and important person influencing the development of New York fashion. His incredible patience and keen eye allow him to notice the subtle, emerging trends of street fashion earlier and more accurately than any other editor or industry expert .

In the film Bill appears as honest and sincere, a reflection of the way he lived his whole life. The film is based on Bill's passion - taking photos of people on the street of New York. Following Bill, we actively ride along with him on his journey through Manhattan, feeling with what determination and fanaticism he was looking for fashionable New Yorkers for shooting. We also observe how he carefully selects photos for articles in his New York Times office. We are given the opportunity to see where Cunningham lives, as well as to get acquainted with his unusual neighbours, the New Yorkers.

It's easy to appreciate the amazing power of Bill's character when viewing this documentary. He so selflessly and passionately gives himself to his pictures, that he finds neither the time nor desire for other interests. He is constantly moving forward and never gives up.

Catwalk was filmed in 1993 by Robert Leacock and premiered in 1996.

A documentary in what the central figure is a supermodel of 1980’s and 90’s Christy Turlington. The action takes place at fashion weeks in Milan, Paris, New York, in 5-star hotels, trendy bars and at private parties. The film demonstrates as well the backstage of lives the models, who became already synonyms of beauty and style, and are objects of admiration for few generations. After watching the film you start to perceive them more as usual people, who make jokes, laugh and cry. The camera shows that they are real girls, their friendship between each other, how they support each other in the difficult moments.

To belong to the fashion world is the dream of almost an every girl, but people are not aware how hard is to be there - to be a model it is not just to walk on the runway, it is an exhausting job, and this film better than the other shows the whole process of fashion weeks and how significant is the role of a model in this cycle.


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