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F’OLITIQUE, launched in 2011 by Anna la Germaine, is one of London’s first digital magazines. Today, F'OLITIQUE is available both digitally (with daily updates) and in print (annually per country). Even though printed media faces many obstacles nowadays, F’OLITIQUE’s printed issues are focused on countries and serve as an encyclopedia of each country’s fashion scene and its talents. F’OLITIQUE Focus on Countries is published once per year. The magazine is the brainchild of Anna la Germaine and her then business partner, Mr. Roland Miller, with the goal of discovering and showcasing emerging talents from across the globe. Operation of F’OLITIQUE for nearly a decade has resulted in a large network of participants of the fashion industry, leading to collaborations with over 4000 designers in 70 countries.


The print version of F’OLITIQUE was launched in late 2012, and features content that sheds light on the fashion industry of the selected countries. The first issue was launched following Anna's second trip to Tel Aviv Fashion Week. It was dedicated to the Israeli fashion industry, focusing on Israeli designers, producers, fashion schools, PR agencies, fashion-tech startups, etc.


The launch of this issue was a precursor to the profound and intense times that lay ahead of F’OLITIQUE. Preparing the content for the issue required over a hundred meetings with Israeli fashion industry key players over the course of three intense weeks. The timing of the meetings coincided with an escalation of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and proved to be a truly hectic time, as sirens frequently sounded every few hours owing to missiles attacks. Anna recalls the intensity of the situation: "We had our passports in our pockets and the luggage was all packed up, in case we'd need to leave the country immediately. However, we managed to not cancel even a single meeting! While the team may have been occasionally delayed getting to a meeting or photoshoot on account of having to find a shelter to avoid the missiles, the miracle was that all of the engagements were conducted with an extraordinary amount of professionalism and intensity. It was quite an experience… all of a sudden we would have to jump out of our car mid-street and run to find a shelter within 45-60 seconds in the buildings of absolute strangers”.


It was under these intense conditions that F’OLITIQUE found its footing. Following the successful launch of F’OLITIQUE focus on Israel, the magazine team, led by la Germaine, turned their focus to the Spanish fashion industry, followed by the UK, Italian, etc. 


Today, FOLITIQUE.com offers a wide variety of content for both fashion professionals and fashion lovers. Central to F’OLITIQUE’s ethos and passion is the desire to curate globally relevant content that provides deep insight and unique perspectives on the state of the fashion and luxury in various corners of the world.


The print version of F'OLITIQUE features in-depth research, critical analysis, and editorials of the fashion industry. A major initiative currently underway at F’OLITIQUE is a deep-dive research of the fashion industries of 70 countries. The goal is to provide firsthand analysis of each of these countries' fashion industries, with a distinct issue dedicated to each country covered. La Germaine believes that a publication such as this will ultimately make it easier for people to discover new names across diverse geographies and will become an encyclopedia of each country’s fashion industry. This will not only help highlight truly special brands but can even help tourists get to know local brands, enabling them to buy high-end products in their countries of travel with greater confidence.



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