• Danilo Venturi

Akash Mehta. New generation in hair care. An exclusive interview with Fable&Mane's Co-Founder.

I hope to be in a world that remains even more diverse and inclusive – that celebrates each and every one of us – including all our differences. - Akash Mehta

Fable & Mane is a beauty brand you co-founded with your sister. In 2022, what does it mean to launch a start-up?

For me launching a start-up is like starting a big adventure. You know the days ahead will be at times a challenge but at others a triumph. One thing for certain, no day is never the same. All adventures, regardless of the ups and down, are exciting and often life-changing. Building Fable & Mane has been exactly that. The last two years, since our launch in 2020, have been the best of my life and to spend them with my sister has made it even more special.

How does Fable and Mane stand out from other beauty brands?

Fable and Mane is a modern hair wellness brand of potent plant-based products inspired by ancient Indian beauty secrets. We are formed from personal experience and heritage – which I feel makes us stand out from the majority of beauty brands today. We were actually the first Ayurvedic / Indian hair brand to launch at Sephora as well as their first sibling-founded brand. Beyond formulating responsibly, we also stand out by our commitment to give back to the wild through ‘The Fable Fund’ which focuses its efforts on tiger conservation and wildlife education.

You are based in London. How is the city today?

London has always been my home and truly it’s still the same beautiful city I have always remembered filled of opportunity - full of diversity and a hub for thriving SMEs (small and medium-sized enterprises). I am blessed to have my HQ based here where I am able to find an incredible pool of talent but also be at a time zone that makes it much easier to communicate with our markets all the way in the far-east and India to USA and Canada.

Courtesy of Akash Mehta

A better world requires beauty. In 20 years, what kind of world will we live in?

I hope to be in a world that remains even more diverse and inclusive – that celebrates each and every one of us – including all our differences. I also personally hope to live in a world where animals thrive – especially big cats. It’s my mission to help them so in 20 years time I hope my fund will make a lifetime impact for our wildlife.

The new cosmetic in Instagram is software. If you must deal with it, how do you handle it?

Social media platofrms when used right can be a huge asset, but when used wrongly can be a huge burden – especially on our mental health. As a business, it’s true that we should use them as a tool to communicate with our audiences but these platforms are often changing and can be hard to keep up. So a few advices I have to handle it will be:

1) Hire the right people to manage them in your company

2) Be willing to learn and experiment, it’s ok to change

3) Don’t take it too seriously, have fun and connect on a personal level with your communities

4) Be mindful of your consumption and what you are spreading on the platforms too, be always authentic and true