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Fashion Illustrator Talia Zoref Answers how by "Doing Your Own Thing" Get an International Success

Updated: Sep 20, 2022

"I think how can I be better, how can I do more, how can I create something more amazing than what I've done till now and inspire more people, contribute more to the world with my art and my ideas, help and inspire people with the stage I have built." - Talia Zoref

Photo credit: Craft7

Why did you choose fashion as a focus of your work? What attracted you to it?

Talia: Since I was a little girl I knew I loved fashion and that I wanted to work in the industry. It always fascinated me. At first I wanted to sew and become a fashion designer but then even when I decided I wasn't going to be a designer I still knew I would be in the fashion industry in a creative way. I always had an attraction towards fashion, mainly because of the creative aspect of it and my grandmothers who were role models for me when it came to Fashion. I always saw them wear the coolest outfits, the coolest colors and jewelry and since a really young age and was drawn to it.

What do you think hand drawn offers over and above a fashion photograph?

Talia: I think people are so used to seeing photographs on social media, Facebook, Instagram and advertising so often then when they see drawings it's different, and stands out. I think also drawing give a different dimension to creativity. It's very raw and authentic and it shows something very personal and creative, maybe even going back to the roots of creativity. I believe every great idea starts with a sketch. Thus, drawings stand out in a sea of photos today.

Can you name an artist from the past and one from the present who have inspired you?

Talia: It's so hard to choose one! But I would say in the past I'm very inspired by Jean-Michel Basquiat, Frida Kahlo and Da Vinci. In the present I am inspired by Calman Shemi and Fred Allard. What I love about these artists is that all of them have a unique story and Power in their art. Therefore, I'm really drawn to looking at how their pieces make me feel empowered. Regarding DaVinci it's all he's brilliant ideas as well as the art. When I first saw Basquiat's paintings at his exhibit, I was just blown away by how someone so young could create something so meaningful and Powerful to date.

Have you ever felt “stuck”? And what do you do to feel inspired again?

Talia: Yes, I always have times that I feel stuck and I think what gives me the inspiration again is taking first of all a step back from everything I'm doing, leave it for a bit and I go and I write how I want to make an impact in my next painting, and what I want to make the people that look at that art feel. Through feeling things I manage to get re-inspired but first I really need to quiet down my mind and set intention in that way for my next art piece. That's how I find what inspires me. For example lately in quarantine what inspires me most is practicing yoga and meditating and I wanted to make people that look at my art feel power and color but also something very relaxed so then I start creating with that intention.

Do you have an illustration that you are really bonded with?

Talia: I bond with my recent art series of eyes of fashion, that I presented in February in a solo Exhibit. The reason for that is that I wanted to focus on what I love and create art without any boundaries, to do what I love for my heart, with a lot of power, color and the connection to the viewer and I connect to those pieces because of that. That's way when I look at them they mean so much to me.

How did you come up with the idea of creating The Fashion Marker online magazine?

Talia: I created The Fashion Marker Magazine originally in 2013 when I was a high school student and when I created it first I planned for it to be a source of inspiration for people who love fashion like me. I shared my creations and my illustrations back in the day just as a hobby, I never planned for it to be what it is today. I just started it out of pure love for fashion and drawing. Eventually it turned out to be a fashion illustration online magazine, where I share my trip around the world to fashion shows sketching live in amazing Fashion Events and really a lot of creativity that I got inspired from my travels, meeting different people.

Is it possible to order your fashion illustration by a random person?

Talia: You can send an inquiry to the email for purchasing an original art piece. Soon I'm going to launch an online store where I sell Art prints. I'm super excited to launch my store since I've been working on it for so long and I really wanted it to be perfect.

What was your first commercial “break” as an illustrator, and how did it come about?

Talia: I don't know if there was just one commercial break, I think it was a few things that I did at the same time. The first one was attending different fashion events around the world, the second one is sharing my art and social media that got attention by Valentino, Donatella Versace and later also the New York Times. The third aspect was starting to work and create art for brands. My first client was Mac cosmetics. It's hard for me to say what was the first break since I was working in so many different areas in order to have this break, for 3 years or 4 years at least before it really started happening. I think when I really realized that something is happening was when I had my first interview on Vogue Italy.

How does it feel like to be in the “Forbes 30 under 30” list?

Talia: That's a funny question. it is a great honor, although I feel the same. I don't feel that any list makes you better, a different person and I even feel now greater pressure to create more and do more. I would say that it's like asking someone how it is to have a birthday I mean the difference between 23 and 22 is a number and it just leads you to the next project/ experience. I think how can I be better, how can I do more, how can I create something more amazing than what I've done till now and inspire more people, contribute more to the world with my art and my ideas, help and inspire people with the stage I have built.

Do you make your own master classes?

Talia: If you're asking regarding a course, I'm really considering having maybe an online course or Workshop. It is also something I've been wanting to do for a while and I really hope it will happen soon

What advice would you give aspiring illustrators, who want to make a career for themselves?

Talia: The first step I would give them is to create a lot of art, build their own style and share it with the world, not only create and keep it in your room but really share it with people you know, on social media, on a website. Get it out, show it to the world and the rest will come to you. Get your creations out there and dream big.

Why do you think the profession of a fashion illustrator is so popular today? How to stand out among the others? Talia: I'm not familiar with a lot of people who are fashion illustrators so it's kind of new to me, I didn't know it was so popular. I always feel that no one understands what I'm talking about when I tell a random person I'm a fashion illustrator, I always need to explain what I do, maybe that's why I am not familiar with it being so popular. I think in order to stand out you need to really have your own style stand out in the crowd and not do what everybody else is doing. Do Your Own Thing, show your own style what you want to show to the world but have statement and make it your own. Only then you can really stand out in a crowd. You've recently done a collaboration with CoverMe, should we expect any other merch from you soon? Talia: The only part I can reveal is the one that's going to be on my website which is mostly going to be prints and art but I can't reveal to rest especially with the whole situation now there might be some delays on projects that I have been planning, but there is a lot to look forward to.


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