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Germain Chauveau of Bold & Tall Agency on the Transformations in the Fashion System

Updated: Sep 20, 2022

In times of crisis, creativity always emerges…

Germain Chauveau is the founder and creative director of Bold & Tall, a global communication agency specialized in producing luxury print, film, digital and social media campaigns.

Germain has also worked as a creative director of VOGUE Paris and ELLE France.

"Be honest in your communication, do not take your audience for a fool, be transparent in your producing chain, treat your partners with respect, manage your employees with humanity." - Germain Chauveau

How did you get into fashion? Please tell us a bit more about your career.

Germain: I was born in Paris and studied between Paris, Helsinki and New York. I started as an independent art director, devoting himself more specifically to music and signing album covers for Virgin, EMI, Naïve and Universal. In parallel, I was called to work for independent magazines like Clam or Twill. In 2008, I joined Vogue Paris as deputy art director under the direction of Carine Roitfeld, and when Emmanuelle Alt took over the title she appointed me a creative director. I remained there for seven years before becoming creative director at ELLE where I re-energized the title. In March 2018, I decided to set up my own communication agency «Bold and Tall» devoting the company to make tailor-made images for high fashion brands as Dior, Chanel, Polo Ralph Lauren, Max Mara, Nina Ricci, Jerome Dreyfuss…

Vogue Paris Dec 2011/Jan2012 Cover with Kate Moss | Creative Director: Germain Chauveau

What do you do to stay creative and inspired?

Germain: I try to travel as often as possible, to attend to dance shows and to see exhibitions, but most particularly taking the subway, listening to my neighbors‘ conversation at the café, speaking with my friends...

Elle France July 29, 2016 Cover with Monica Bellucci | Creative Director: Germain Chauveau

What is the most difficult aspect of managing your own company?

Germain: All the paper works… meeting the accounters and lawyers.

How is the COVID-19 influencing your profession? What transformations it will go through?

Germain: It rushed something inevitable. We already knew we would have to find new ways to think create and produce. The entire society is changing from climate to the world political situation. Let ’s hope collections will have a new agenda, retail will be more experimental, production more local.

When I launched Bold and Tall the idea was already to propose a tailor-made approach to my clients, with a responsible global approach.

What digital technologies are influencing the fashion industry the most?

Germain: I believe augmented reality is the technology that will have the biggest impact on our digital experience and will redefine the retail departments.

How do you think the fashion industry is going to change in the next few years?

Germain: I do hope we gonna produce less as the eco-consciousness is not an option anymore.

What future do you predict for independent fashion brands? How should they build their communication to get noticed?

Germain: First of all the key is to have a good and original product and to ask yourself if the market really needs it.

Then, be honest in your communication, do not take your audience for a fool, be transparent in your producing chain, treat your partners with respect, manage your employees with humanity.

Each brand is now a global media with its own editorial policy and commitment.

What advice would you like to give to those who are dreaming to become part of the fashion world?

Germain: Work hard, be on time, never forget to say « hi »,« please » and « thank you » and consider everyone the same way.

Understanding the current worldwide emergency, what changes do you think may appear in the fashion industry, and where they could bring the whole system in the future?

Germain: In time of crisis, creativity always emerges…


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