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Bring Indian Beauty Secrets Worldwide

Updated: Sep 20, 2022

Fable & Mane is a conscious and modern hair wellness brand, melding progressive attitudes with ancient wisdom. Enriching, nourishing, feel-good, conscious, authentic; these attributes not only describe the exquisite formulations of Fable & Mane products; they are the guiding principles that inform the holistic brand philosophy.

Roots are at the very core of Fable & Mane. The brand is rooted in the healing, wholeness and holiness of potent plant roots for hair roots, as well as being inspired by deep cultural roots, ancient Indian wisdom, and centuries-old beauty fables and sensorial rituals.

Indian women are known to have the longest, strongest, healthiest hair in the world; the country is also the birthplace of meditation and mindfulness. Fable & Mane is unique and authentic in its pairing of beautiful hair and good karma.

The HoliRoots Ritual

The brand’s debut range, the HoliRoots Ritual collection, comprises four plant-based and silicone-free products – the HoliRoots Shampoo, Conditioner, Mask and Hair Oil - each formulated to enrich the hair and spirit.

The brand combines authentic Indian plant extracts, including native herbs, spices and Ayurvedic roots with a luxury fragrance in clean, conscious formulas which are suitable for all hair types. This results in hair that is perfectly hydrated and balanced and a mind that is present, positive and connected.

The HoliRoots Ritual is available from April 2020 at in the UK and Sephora in the US.

Founded by Nikita and Akash Mehta, a duo of plant-powered siblings on a mission to bring ancient Ayurvedic wisdom to Western beauty, Fable &Mane is formed from personal experience and heritage.

"Growing up, hair rituals brought people together. It strengthened bonds between my family and it all started with a head massage." — Nikita Mehta, Co-Founder

HoliRoots Hair Oil


A nutrient-rich treatment oil for dry hair and scalp, infused with Ayurvedic extracts of dashmool, a blend of ten sacred roots and ashwagandha, an ancient medicinal herb, to soothe and restore dry, damaged hair. Best when massaged into hair, this silicone-free oil moisturizes and restores the balance of the scalp.

HoliRoots Shampoo


A deep cleansing daily shampoo infused with mineral-rich, healing tiger herb and scalp soothing, regenerative neem oil. For perfectly cleansed but never stripped hair.

HoliRoots Conditioner


Light enough to use as a daily conditioner, key ingredients coconut crème, rich in fatty acids, and anti-inflammatory turmeric, help to seal in moisture and soothe the scalp, keeping hair follicles healthy, whilst the addition of vitamin D encourages healthy, new hair growth. For soft, flowing and tamed hair.

HoliRoots Hair Mask



A rich, repairing mask for stressed, damaged and unruly hair. Banana, coconut and mango seed butter provide holistic hair-food that leaves lengths smooth, soft and restored.

Fable & Mane goes beyond formulating responsibly. Nikita and Akash Mehta are committed to giving back to the wild. The brand has a ‘give back’ philosophy at its core, supporting the wildlife charities that restore habitats for endangered wild felines.

“The Wild World is in desperate need of our solidarity. We are becoming increasingly out of sync with ourselves and out of balance with the natural rhythm of our earth. We are healthy when we are connected yet the beauty industry has come so far away from its roots, leaving us in a rat-race to do everything to live longer but not live better. Saying and doing are two different things; it is important that every brand leaves this world more beautiful and each CEO earns their stripes for the planet.” - Akash Mehta, Co-Founder

The mission of Fable Fund by the BC Mehta Trust is to celebrate the spirit of the wild tiger conservation and their critical habitat. With 97% of the global wild tiger population lost in the last 100 years, the Fable Fund acts consciously and focuses on urgent community-led change with sustainable conservation action. From planting trees and building solar-panelled water pumps, their commitment to empower the community is the root of a beautiful mind, body and world.


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