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Emilio Pucci Starts The Post-Covid Era With A New Idea Of Time And Space

Updated: Jan 18, 2023

The short movie Sulla Riva presents Spring/Summer 2021, a capsule collection that Emilio Pucci created together with Tomo Koizumi.

Courtesy Emilio Pucci

Behind the bucolic atmosphere, there is a clear new vision of the world.

What post-Covid has in store for us is quite predictable. There will be a bulimic reaction: the return of hedonistic consumption, the show off attitude, the desire to repopulate the city with all the activities that we lacked during the years of the lockdown. Then, there will be the exact opposite, the desire for a minimum consumption of basic products, all purchased with a click on the internet, according to the idea that this means fewer productions, fewer shops, fewer trips, fewer square meters, less rent and more sustainability. Finally, there will be a third way, that represented by Emilio Pucci, the luxury of spending our time outside urban spaces,

in contact with nature and in the company of our loved ones.

The pandemic has caused widespread economic damage. Forced distancing measures have reduced people’s freedom to unthinkable levels, turning Western democracies into controlled techno-dictatorships. The daily dripping of the dead and the fear of contagion produced widespread anxiety but also the awareness that most of our habits were previously stressful. Remote life and entrepreneurship also allow us to stay away from the alarm clock, the train and the most competitive business environments.

This is why we chose a small video from a small fashion house that has always distinguished itself for having a vision of the world, since WWII, when the founder Marquis Emilio Pucci of Barsento presented that new way of dressing later called prêt-à-porter.

Time and space are the engine of history and geography, as well as the kind of innovation that restarts the world after the toughest moments of crisis, with renewed values and brand new life styles.


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