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The Fierce Walker, Ryle Tuvierra | On The Future and The Fashion Industry

Updated: Sep 20, 2022

Thinking about the future and the fashion industry is still uncertain at this time. Most especially with the growing cases of people who are positive to COVID-19. We think about the future in a variety of ways. The future is unknown, and so has a certain mystique about it.

The uncertainty of the unknown can be disconcerting, but it can also be exciting, full of opportunity and possibility. It brings us to a point that we no longer know what will happen next. It is scary but at the same time, it pushes us to go beyond our imagination.

Thinking about the short and long term is different. Looking at Fashion, short term thinking is suitable for Fast Fashion, whereas long term thinking is more suitable when buying an investment piece. In our current society, we have become more short term focused, emails get a reply in a matter of minutes, instead of sending a letter by post, and waiting days to hear back.

To be honest, I think that with the influence of social media, tiktokers, and influencers, fashion has become more accessible but at the same time, it has lost its spark of exclusivity.

These days seeing tiktokers and influencers who probably don’t even know what fashion is, being invited, sponsored and getting paid to fashion weeks, fashion shows, private parties, and showrooms of big agencies instead of people who have worked and studied to enter the fashion world make me confused.

It makes no sense at all when it comes to ROI and Media impact for brands because most of them don’t have an idea of how the whole fashion ecosystem works.

They don’t even make an effort to build a relationship wherein this city was built through connections and relationships. Perhaps there is an opportunity during this time while we are on our Zoom meetings and House party sessions with the people in the industry.

Everything has to change and it will all start when the PR’s, Agencies, Brands, and Designers will work hand in hand on creating new ways and new strategies to make the industry-exclusive and yet closer to the consumers. How will we make this happen? We will only achieve it if we will start looking at quality influencers, tiktokers, content creators, and raw talent that has real influence and flawless body of work.

The word curation has been used for years and the store should be.

Changing how we think about the impact not just for us but for future generations too, feels like the right thing to do.

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